20 Best Selling Handbags in India

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20 Best selling handbags

20 best selling handbags: Apart from diamonds, handbags are the second best friend of a girl! Don’t you think so.

Best Selling Handbags on Amazon India

Well, handbags have become a fashion trend in the last few decades. Thanks to the celebrity status rendered to them. Handbags have become the best companion of every girl on the planet. If you are looking for some amazing handbag brands available in India, then you have reached the correct place.

We have compiled a list of top 20 handbag brands available in India. Keep reading on:


# 20 Best selling handbags Links
1 Aquatan Shop now
2 Baggit Shop now
3 Caprese Shop now
4 Cathy London Shop now
5 Charles and Keith Shop now
6 Da Milano Shop now
7 Diana Korr Shop now
8 Fossil Shop now
9 Furla Shop now
10 Hi Design Shop now
11 House of Tara Shop now
12 Kanvas Katha Shop now
13 Kenneth Cole Shop now
14 Lavie Shop now
15 Leaderachi Shop now
16 Lino Perros Shop now
17 Michael Kors Shop now
18 Stella Ricci Shop now
19 Steven Madden Shop now
20 Viari Shop now

1. Aquatan handbags

Aquatan handbags


Aquatan is an Indian brand that is famous for the use of natural leather in all its handbag ranges. If you are looking for an awesome leather handbag, then this brand is the one for you. It perfectly blends trendy colors with international styles.

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2. Baggit

Launched in the year 1990, Baggit has been able to carve a niche for itself within a few years only. It has been able to capture the customer’s choice slowly and is going steady. With reasonably priced handbags, it fulfills the daily requirements perfectly.
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3. Caprese

Caprese has been the major competitor of Baggit. It was introduced in the year 2012 under the category of luxury bags and soon become on the favorite handbag brands in India. The celebrity endorsements have really helped the brand to capture the markets.
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4. Cathy London handbags


Cathy London Women's Handbag

Fashion without Cruelty is the motto of this brand. These handbags are environment-friendly and took inspiration from PETA. The brand offers durable and modern handbags at reasonable prices.
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5. Charles and Keith

This brand is a part of premium category handbags. Though the price range is bit high, you will definitely be amazed by the quality of the handbags. You can choose from hundreds of subtle shades along with chic patterns which are perfect for all the occasions.
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6. Da Milano

Da Milano is a perfect combo of Indian culture and Italian craftsmanship. It has been the inspiration for many Indian brands who wish to go international. You can get a wide range of elite handbags with a high-end leather material.
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7. Diana Korr handbags

It falls into a faux leather category. It comes in vibrant color combinations with trendy designs with edgy looks. These are absolutely affordable and a perfect for college girls who wish to carry their personal style.
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8. Fossil


Fossil amazed the world with its premium range of watches and have now stepped into the handbag section. It has definitely added panache to every girl’s handbag section. These brands promise to offer durability and sturdiness through their products.

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9. Furla

Furla is originally an Italian brand which has recently entered the Indian markets. They promise to add luxury to your style statement. It offers innovative designs with a refined style. The main motive of this brand was adding an Italian touch to the lifestyle of the girls.
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10. Hi Design

Though an Indian brand, it initially exported its leather accessories and products to international countries. But later on slowly they introduced their products in India as well. It is one of the favorite brands in India and offers the most reasonable products.
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11. House of Tara

His brand is steadily capturing the youngster’s minds with its colorful and quirky handbags. Perfectly reasonable, they offer an awesome range of totes and handbags by adding vibrancy to the personalities of the girls.
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12. Kanvas Katha

Kanvas Katha

Kanvas Katha has been catering the funky and trendy clients for a long time now. They offer an awesome range of canvas bags. The brand is associated with various top designers to add their inspiration to their products.
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13. Kenneth Cole

If you like to stay trendy with a classic touch, then this brand is just for you. This is again an international brand which offers premium handbags for stylish women. They are very affordable and promote the saying the classic is timeless.
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14. Lavie

Lavie is an Indian brand and knows exactly how to woo the Indian women with their classy and fashionable handbags. They have a large market presence and you can find at least one Lavie bag in every wardrobe.
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15. Leaderachi

It is a new brand that has been introduced in India. They offer a premium category of handbags at a decent price range. They are known to use natural leather blended into colorful patterns. They are steadily becoming the favorite professional handbags.
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16. Lino Perros

If you are looking to add some chic content to your lifestyle with a decent price range, then this can be the one for you. It offers a refined and delicate look just like a luxury brand offers. They are at par with the current trends and never disappoint their customers.
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17. Michael Kors


This is one of the most popular handbag brands in India flaunting their signature patterns and designs in the premium category. This brand is highly priced and is available for its exclusive customers. 20 best selling handbags:
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18. Stella Ricci

If you have a keen eye for the latest fashion trends, then go for this brand. They are the most popular runaway brands in India which promise to bring lots of colors and shapes to your lifestyle. This is worth an investment!
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19. Steven Madden

Seven Madden has amazed customers worldwide with their chic and unique shoes and now have entered into the domain of handbags. With vibrant colors and embellishments, this brand can be your best friend for life.
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20. Viari handbags

Viari is a Chennai based brand and quite popular in the southern part of the country. It is known for the high-quality genuine leather handbags which are loaded with the latest colors combinations and patterns. If you are looking for a perfect handbag for office purpose, then this one is perfect for you.
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These were some of the best brands of handbags that are currently trending in the Indian markets. You can choose from the wide range of options available. If you wish to have a trendy handbag or classic handbag, then you have ample options. 20 best selling handbags:


Aquatan handbags

Lavia Leather Bag

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Baggit Sling Bag

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Baggit Women's Messenger Bag

Baggit Messenger Bag

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Aquatan Women's Jetsetter Large Leather Workbag

Aquatan Leather Workbag

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