Types of backpacks for college students

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Backpacks for college students:- The college life is both busy and fun with each day filled with new excitement and experiences to enjoy.

Students in college life keep on shuffling between study sessions and classes and in this busy schedule, the most important thing for them is then backpack carrying all that they want throughout the day.

The favorite options can vary from the basic bags to carry the everyday essentials to the professional ones perfect for both classroom and internship.

The good news here is that several options are available in the market owing to the popularity of backpacks. Backpacks for college students

Backpacks for college students


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1. The backpacks for laptop:

backpacks for laptop

You can opt for the lightweight bag having padded compartment for the laptop. This allows a secure fit for the computer as good as up to 16 in size. Keeping in mind the comfort of students, the shoulder straps of this bag are also padded. Superior fabric is there compared to other options in this price range. From the lineup of Victorinox that is focused on quality, this backpack serves to be the option that is the most affordable one.

For water bottles, tablets, and pen-like staples, it comes with delicate pockets. This brand is highly popular in backpacks for college students looking for laptop bags. For this reason, there is no surprise in the fact that for keeping the laptops safe on the move, they are geared up properly. You can also safely keep the iPhone in it since pocket for the same is featuring in the backpack.

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2. The latest fashion backpacks:

The latest fashion backpacks

This option can be costly compared to others available for college students but it is best for those who are making an effort to make an impression. This brand is based in London and is popular for backpacks and travel bags so that functional and stylish, both purposes could be well managed. This style features gold accents and leather trim along with compartment of laptop that is shockproof and padded straps.

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3. Small Street wide backpacks:

Small Street wide backpacks

These bags offer subtle good and appealing looks for all those who are looking for a style that is not utilitarian but offers more business looks. For college going students, this one serves to be the ideal choice. The reason behind this is that the bag is laptop oriented, ultra-lightweight, and is available in varied colors.

For the purpose of stashing pens or headphones, it features useful pockets along with the coating that is water-resistant. You can invest in this pick that will endure all through college life and at the time of the first job as well, it will offer a professional look.

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4. Backpacks with sporty looks:

Backpacks with sporty looks

In case you are a fitness lover and spend time in the gym as well during the day then this backpack is for you. You can easily carry the workout clothes in it since it is washable as well as expandable.

So an additional outfit could be stashed in it easily and for removing the odor, you can put it in the washing machine. A laptop room is also there in this backpack and you can stay organized with it on account of several compartments on the interior side.

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5. Y-pack topo designs backpacks:

Y-pack topo designs backpacks

With the outdoorsy, rugged style background, these backpacks in Topo designs serve to be the best option for college students. This is on account of its usability both on the camping or hike trip as well as to the college.

The ballistic weave is used in the making of this backpack that serves to be extremely durable withstanding daily wear and tear. You also get enough space for storage with the outer zipped pockets and laptop sleeve. The additional gears and water bottles could be carried in the side pockets having easy access.

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6. Durable backpacks:

Durable backpacks

Even you are rough on the bag, it is difficult for you to wreck this bag. The outer layer with waxed canvas offers superior water resistance. Bartacked stitching reinforces the seams in the areas where much wear and tear are noticed. The lifetime warranty also comes with this bag in case any break or tear takes place.

For the abroad traveling students, it is possible to fold the entire bag and enjoy easy storage by carrying it in the front pocket. Lightweight yet sturdy nylon is used for making this enduring backpack so that stain removal is possible with easy wipes.

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7. Backpacks for animal lovers:

Backpacks for animal lovers

In case design is something you are looking for in the backpack and you are an animal lover then these options can best serve the purpose for you. The selection includes backpacks with print designs of super cute dogs, cats, and other animals. The fabric is fashionable and stain-resistant.

Two side pockets are also featured in the backpack along with the front having a zipped pocket. A tablet/laptop compartment is also featured in this backpack inside.

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8. Book backpack:

Book backpack

In case Canvas backpack light in weight is something you are looking forward to then this super cute and easy to carry bag is for you. Tough canvas in cotton is used for making these backpacks featuring a gorgeous design of embroidery. A zipper pouch is there in the front while side pockets are also there.

Some organizer pockets that are useful along with a compartment for tablet/laptop are also featured in this bag.

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9. Sling backpack:

Sling backpack

If the military-style is something that you love then this backpack is perfect for you. The military-style, canvas backpack in khaki color is the best college accessory that you can buy.

The room offered in this bag is enough for the laptop as well as textbooks and you can also use this while out of college as well. The cotton canvas of soft density is used for the laptop having finishing looks with genuine zips of leather. This backpack is an awesome choice for college-going students.

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