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Best clothing brands for men: Men’s fashion is equally challenging like the woman’s fashion. There are changes in trends according to time and season. Men have innumerable options to choose from when we talk about clothing. Also, there are a number of brands they can choose from.

These brands have a history of producing some excellent products and with a touch of uniqueness in every product. Such brands make you feel royal and special. The top fashion brands listed in this article are known for providing some greatest clothing lines and are popular all over the world. So check out the list for the top fashion brands all over the world.

Best clothing brands for men

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9 Versace Shop now
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1. Lacoste

Founded in 1933, this French company has made a mark in the world of fashion brands. With some of the finest collection of the Polo shirts,they have numerous other products in their basket like leather goods, watches,perfumes, foot wear, eye wear, wallets and a premium range of clothing

They have made some of the best tennis shirts which have very popular among the professional players till date. Rene,who was the founder of the brand Lacoste, was nicknames crocodile because he was very agile in the court. Best clothing brands for men.


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2. Armani


One of the leading brands in men’s wear is Armani. Started in 1975 by Giorgio Armani, this brand now uses multiple labels to show its products. Their range of products includes watches, jewellery, cosmetics,eye wear, leather goods, home interiors and list goes on. There are dedicated Armani department stores displaying some of the best high range products from their collection. The label known as Emporio Armani Label is for quality fashion clothing. Over the years Armani has established itself as the best high end brand in the world. The word Armani is now synonymous to elite and high quality.

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3. Louis Vuitton

Another high standard brand which originated from France is Louis Vuitton. Started in1854, this brand has a large chain of stores worldwide. You can go through their collection of items through dedicated stores, boutique and online shops. Their products are made with fine detail and display a high level of craftsmanship giving you a royal feel and a great experience. Their products include watches, jewellery, leather goods and other with range of pieces. From 2006 to 2012, LV was names the most valuable luxury brand.

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4. Gucci

Created inFlorence in 1921, Gucci became very popular in the fashion clothing segment andleather goods in the beginning. It generated 4.2 billion euros revenue in 2008and there has been no looking back since then. With 278 stores around theworld, this fashion brand comes up with discount offers now and then. Today, ithas earned the best selling brand in the Italian market and is very popularamong the teenagers. It has started gaining prominence in the elderly marketsegment also

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5. Banana Republic


Founded by Patricia and MelZiegler in 1978, Banana Republic was later sold to Gap in 1983. From the nonwards it has grown to become a very high standard brand for accessories and clothing. Their stores are not just normal stores. They are known to purchase old buildings and refurbish them and then use for retail locations. In this manner they have 500 Banana Republic stores in US and 37 in Canada. Finding the total sum, Banana Republic has 6423 stores all over the world among 32countries.

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6. Nike

Started by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964, Nike later became Nike INC in 1971 and a few years later it came to be known what it is today. Nike has a speciality in sports apparel along with many other options. Its products include equipment, apparel services, footwear etc. Their product quality delights you and gives you more than the value of money. Their professionalism is reflected in the quality and finish of the products. It has grown to be a popular international brand with around 44000 employees in 2012 with a brand value of around $19 billion in value.

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7. UnderArmour

Under Armour brand was started by Kevin plank in 1996 when he was just 23 years old. Though not listed in the most powerful brand, UA has many things interesting to it. The company was started in the basement and today it has evolved to have numerous stores allover the world and in 39 different states in the US. They got their first break when the Warner Bros signed a contract with US to create outfits fro their two movies which were in production at that time. Today it is known as an interesting brand in the international clothing brand segment.

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8. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce& Gabbana is an Italian brand created by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana and grew to become one of the most known fashion brands in the world. Dolcestudied in the fashion industry and wished to learn with Giorgio Armani but before that he met Gabbana and started their own line of fashion. The irproducts include perfumes, clothes, apparel and other items. Today the company has around 3150 employees all over the world and has well established itself as a luxury fashion house.

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9. Versace

Another popular brand in the fashion industry is the Versace. Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, it has become a most liked fashion brand. The company was created by Gianni and his brother with their venture into women’s apparel which was a good challenge for them. After the death of Gianni in 1997, his sister took over as the creative director and brother became the CEO of the company. The brand has continued to create some of the finest clothing in the fashion segment and is also starting their range of perfumes and other accessories.

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10. Zara

Originated in Spain, Zara brand was created by Rosalia Mera and Amncio in 1975. This company outsources its production to lower countries with very good working standards. A part of Inditex group, which is known as the largest apparel retailer in the world. With hundreds of stores worldwide they make 10000 new designs each year. Today, Zara is known for its innovative clothing all over the world.

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