Best Fitness Products for a Perfect Fitness Regime

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Best Fitness Products:- Healthy mind rests in a healthy body?, fitness is the new end of current times. Both youth and the middle-aged are deeply inclined to fitness and keep themselves active and fit by following different measures. Some of the Best Fitness Products are listed below:

Best Fitness Products

# Best Fitness Products Links
1 Komfey Green6002 Green 6 mm Yoga Mat? Shop now
2 Strauss Grid Foam Roller Shop now
3 REEBOK Rarp-11081bl Speed Skipping Rope Shop now
4 KRX PVC 5KG SET COMBO 161Fixed Weight Dumbbell Shop now
5 RPM fitness rpm1000 2 hp peak motorized treadmill Shop now

Komfey Green6002 Green 6 mm Yoga Mat: Best Fitness Products

Yoga has been the part of Indian culture since times immortal?and in the current times, it’s at the peak. Flipkart brings to you this bright green colored Yoga mat for an unmatched Yoga experience.

This mat is rectangular in shape and has a textured surface. Its dimensions are ? width ? 24 inches, height 67 inches, and thickness are 6mm.

It is a reliable fitness product made especially for regular use, its superior quality comes with a promise of durability and long-lasting life. It has a complete floor grip and its slip resistance makes it comfortable to perform all your moves and asanas comfortable.

It is cent percent washable, which means a promise of cleanliness and hygiene, so all you need to do is pick one to achieve those high set fitness goals Shop now

Strauss Grid Foam Roller (Length 33 cm)

Flipkart brings this revolutionary foam roller for its fitness freak customers. This multipurpose roller is a great pick to satisfy your Yoga, fitness, exercise and even relaxation needs. It is highly effective in physio exercises. It is made up of superior quality EVA Foam, that makes it light in weight and long lasting. The textured surface with dots has soft touch knobs that add to the user’s comfort. With its regular use on your lower body, you can improve the tightness of the soft tissues of your legs, lower back and also softens up knots on your muscles just the way the regular massage does. When you will roll it on your body it will give you the feel of a Therapist rolling his thumb for that intense result on your desired areas. Its firm but the flexible design is super effective and the length of 33 cm and a diameter of 14 cm makes it easy and handy to carry around. Shop now

REEBOK Rarp-11081bl Speed Skipping Rope (Blue)

Skipping is a great exercise for the complete body. Regular skipping not only helps in losing weight but also keeps us active. This skipping rope from Reebok is a great fitness tool for the fitness seekers as it is lightweight, handy, with shiny finish makes it quite attractive. Its length is 329 cm which means it could be comfortably used by an individual as tall as 6 feet in height. The lightweight handles have a great grip, that enhances your skipping experience and the anti-slip grip makes you skip longer even while your palms are sweating. The brand name of REEBOK makes it a great buy at a great price. Shop now

KRX PVC 5KG SET COMBO 161Fixed Weight Dumbbell (10 kg)

For those who dream of that tough muscular body this set of weight dumbbell of 5 kgs, each is a must-have. It comes in a set of two separate dumbbells of bright blue color, each weighing 5 kgs and a total sum up of 10 kgs. Made out of PVC plastic they are strong and ideal for rough and tough use both for the gym and even for home. After having a warm up, the regular weight lifting of this dumbbell will craft your body into a muscular one. Shop now


In the busy times today, it is often difficult to spare time to go out for scheduled walks, jogging or running. We often miss out our fitness routine due to time constraints, in order to make up for this looses, Flipkart brings you this powerful motorized Treadmill for you to work at in your personal space at your peace of mind. This is a revolutionary product that comes with amazing features like a very quiet motor, energy efficiency, shock absorbing multi-ply polyester weaved multi-layer belt of 1.8 mm thickness etc. It is powered with 2 horsepower peak output motor, which is quite powerful and yet very quiet for a peaceful performance even at the topmost speed. It can also support the GFit app which is a community of fitness freaks, with its help you can not only plan your workouts but also track your progress. With an Aux input, you can connect your mobile phone or MP3 player and enjoy your favorite track while working out, and make your sweating workouts more soothing and relaxing. To ensure your safety the treadmill comes with a special feature of auto-stop, so that if you fall or slip accidentally while workouts, it can stop. For this, all you need to do is attach the clip given to your clothes and then run normally on the belt. So get one for yourself and make yourself and your loved ones more inclined to be fit and active. Shop now

Strauss Adjustable (Pair) Knee Support (Free Size, Black, Red)?Fitness Products

Being safe and injury free during your workouts is very important. Flipkart brings to you these comfortable and yet very solid and durable knee support bracings from Strauss, a trustworthy name in the fitness products. They are crafted from one of the most strong and durable neoprene, that maximizes the compression, that provides a complete relief, reducing all the wear and tear of the wearer. They are so easy to wear and carry that they are almost seamless during your workout sessions, making you carefree and hassle-free. It not only resists injury but also very efficient in recovering old minor injuries like twisted knees and minor sprains. So don?t miss out wearing these knee caps for your walks, yoga or gym sessions to ensure complete safety and comfort. The sporty red and black color combination make them attractive for being used as a unisex sportswear. The color combination makes it less dirty so it does not need any kind of care for a longer span of time. The free size availability of the product allows them to be used by multiple users as per their need and comfort. Shop now

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