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If you are making use of this site, you confirm the acceptance to terms and conditions of using Products Gram. For any of the statement present in the material, no responsibility is accepted by the online community. The material available on the site is not offered on the special request of someone or for any type of particular purpose.

For any kind of the below mentioned losses, no liability of Products Gram is there:

  • Data loss
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  • Business loss
  • Third party loss
  • Any consequential, indirect, exemplary or special damage

In this regard, individual precaution must be taken by the user as we do not hold any responsibility for any type of loss.

Those who under 18 in age:

  • Before you take part in any of the discussion going on at Products Gram, it is advisable that you take permission from the guardian or parents
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Intermediary material:
On Products Gram, you will the intermediary advertising material as well. For this, no responsibility is held by Products Gram and the sole responsibility of these lies with the advertisers. The advertising material content is submitted to us by the advertisers and therefore the sole responsibility lies with them. For any of the advertising material?s content or inaccuracy or omission or error in the same, no responsibility lies with Products Gram.

Submission of text to Products Gram:
In several sections of the site, materials might be submitted by the site users that includes blog service as well. No liability is help by Products Gram regarding any of such material that is submitted by the users. For the accuracy as well as content of such submission, we do not hold any kind of responsibility. Certain terms and conditions are there are required to be followed in case you want to submit material to be published on our site such as:


  • You will be solely responsible for any of the material submitted from your side that is published on the site. Before publishing the material, the right to make deletions or additions in the graphics or text is reserved by us. We can even refuse the publication in case it is not found suitable.
  • Any of the material that is submitted to us from your side is granted with the royalty free, perpetual, non-exclusive and worldwide license to us for republishing it in any desired form that is not limited to electronic or print format.
  • It is declared from your side that any of the material received by us from your side is the original work that you have done and its copyright and other desired rights are owned by you.
  • You submit your acceptance to the fact that no material having spam is submitted from your side with the intention of upsetting someone
  • In case the services are abused by the user in any manner, then the right of access removal from the individual services is reserved by us

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