how to dress when you are overweight woman?

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how to dress when you are overweight woman?. This is a fact that those who suffer from the problem of overweight make several efforts to get rid of those extra pounds. People nowadays prefer to live a healthy and active life and extra weight serves as a hindrance in this.

Addition of good nutrition, healthy diet and a few activities in your daily schedule can help you achieve that ideal weight. However, do not let extra weight make you less confident or overcome your happiness. It is not the factor as for how much your weight is to decide your happiness.

Your outfits can serve the major role of making you feel great in your figure without any type of embarrassment. So if you are finding it difficult to decide as what are the best outfits for you then worry no more.
We are here with the tips on how to dress when you are overweight to help you in the process. Go through the tips and style at your best.

how to dress when you are overweight woman?

dress tips overweight woman

Do not neglect your comfort:

When you feel great inside, you look perfect outside. So make sure to avoid wearing the uncomfortable outfit or the dress in which you do not find yourself comfortable. This is because you cannot present the best of yourself if you do not feel comfortable in the attire.

Make sure to get the clothes with well fitting- neither too much loose not too tight. Also, just do not put yourself in the uncomforted zone in order to follow the latest trends. It is important that you are honest with self and buy the outfit that is perfect as per your fit and body size.

Jeans high rise:

Jeans high rise

Your hit list must include jeans of high-waist as they are able to tuck most of the flab in. This is the reason why you look tall, slender and slim and the perfect job is done by jeans of high waist. You need the jeans that are stretchable, black and stop near ankle. Grab those high-rise, straight-cut jeans.

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Opt for the right patterns and colors:

Every extra thing becomes moderate and you can highlight the positives with the help of right patterns and colors. Lights maximize it while darks help to maximize it. You can put emphasis on the slimmer waist with the dark outfit and belt of light color surrounding it. You can also grab attention with the help of light color top on skirts and pants of darker color.

Avoid horizontal stripes as body looks wide in this pattern. Instead of this, you should go for vertical and diagonal stripes that help in making you appear taller. Also, select proper colors that go well with your hair color and skin tone as this enhance the overall clothing.

Innerwear plays a major role:

It is very important to opt for best fit innerwear so that the dress and its nicest cut look flattering in the way it should be. It is the case with almost 80% women that they choose innerwear of wrong size. This can bring several problems such as poor posture, pain in back etc. Also, if the outfit has nice fit, the innerwear of wrong size can destroy its appearance. You look more confident and better in complete dress up when the innerwear is of perfect fit.

Choose accessories smartly:



This is the fashion section in which there is more level n playing field for all size women, it is the accessories of fashion. Similar to all women, you need to get perfect accessories for your size. While bold accessories can go perfect with larger women, the flashy ones can go with all. At the different end, do not go with too small accessories as they cannot go with your body proportion.
The body looks smaller when things such as larger handbags are used. Also, you can make the wrist appear slimmer with the help of a few bangles around them. Legs appear longer when higher boots are used.

Go for proper proportions:

You can get advantage by wearing loose top or shirt with trousers of fitting as this work well with the look. The opposite can also go well but do avoid the clothes that are body hugging.

Clothes that help you look slim and tall:

You can loom thin by wearing patterns of vertical stripes. The fashion legends have passed a legacy with this. It is not important to completely avoid horizontal stripes as long as they do not appear to be body hugging. There are several options available for you such as tops with polka dots, dresses with small prints, maxi flouncy dresses and tunics dress with self-design. You can opt for any of these to get that slim and tall look.
Do not loose confident:
overweight woman pic
There is role of outfit as well as your way of putting it on that decides as how you will look in it. Take your time and make sure that you dress well. This will help you become confident while you carry that attire and your appearance will also have certain positivity in it.

Go for quality rather than quantity:

If you are not positive with about your appearance then do not go for shopping from the racks of bargain. Go for quality clothing as it gives better fitting, looks better and also endures for long that makes spending money to be a worthy affair for you.

Look at your best:

It is not just the outfit that has role in making you look at your best as it just an outfit and not a miracle. However, you can include some activity in your daily schedule and start eating healthy meals so that any outfit can give that wonder look.
In case help is required on how to dress when you are overweight, you can go through these tips and dress at your best for that wonderful look and appearance.

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