Importance of food & entertainment for women’s in India.

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Importance of food & entertainment

Food is considered as basic necessity for human beings and animals. Every human earn his livelihood to give basic necessity to him and his family. Food is very much essential for proper working of the body so that our daily routine work can be manage easily. There are many persons on the earth who eat to live while many of live to eat tasty food. Everyone has different perception for food.

When it comes how much food and entertainment are important to women in India then everyone has different opinion about this. Woman is the main pillar of the family. She should eat healthy food and serves other also the same.

Proper food helps in giving a balanced life

healthy food

If you eat healthy food then you will enjoy everywhere. As it is said sick body and sick mind cannot remain happy and it is truly said. Various things like protein,nutrients,carbohydrates ,vegetables and fruits have to be included in daily meal of women. They all are essential component if we want all the system of body should run properly. Physically fit and healthy person can get entertained and can give entertainment to each and everyone. Proper food gives a balanced life.

These days various dishes are in trend which are not good for the body and everyone knows it but still we eat them with pride. If proper diet is not included in our meal we can suffer from various types of diseases.

Entertainment is very important as it is a medium through which we laugh a lot and forgot our sorrow, worries and tensions for some time. Life is moving so fast for women that they need some sort of medium for entertaining themselves. Again everyone has different perspective about entertainment medium. It is believed that if you are happy you will spread happiness all where and if in context of women she must be happy and healthy as she is considered one who takes cares of everyone in the family. Women in India organize many get together and keep in mind that taste of food included in menu should be good and palnning for entertainment should be good.

Entertainment has different views. For some ladies entertainment is by gossiping, while for some it is through shopping, some loves to hang out with friends and have a chit chat, some loves to go at spiritual places. In short entertainment is every important in our life and especially women life as it increases happiness for some time and helps in relaxing. Some women loves go on exotic location that gives them a lot of entertainment.

Food and entertainment both go side by side for Indian women


A good restaurant with nice music and food can be enjoyed by woman very much. A good ambience and bad taste food can never make happy anyone. Both food and entertainment are very important to live a quality life. If one is missed then life will be not good . Quality of food should be eaten to live a happy and disease free life. All basic nutrients of a body should be included. Some time we can eat unhealthy and junk food for our pleasure.

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