latest fashion trends in nail art for girls

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One of the most beautiful and exciting latest fashion trends in nail art for girls is nail art. Latest nail patterns in fashion is something that all the girls love to wear. It is fact that long nails best accompany new fashion trends for nails but there are nail arts that go well with short nails as well. So whether you are having short or long nails, here are the latest fashion trends in nails that you can follow for getting those stylish nails and go style diva.

latest fashion trends in nail art for girls

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There are solutions for you in case you want to create recreations with your nails but do not want to grow them or make them shorter. There are plenty of art options that look better both on short nails and long nails. They work as per the surface area they are applied on. Products Gram is here with the round-up of some of the amazing nail arts from the latest fashion trends for women. This will also give you the idea to wear the next session of manicure or pedicure with bold new and latest shapes.

New neutrals:

If you are tired of searching to get that seamless nude shade then here is the good news for you. The catwalk is giving favors to all the new neutrals ranging from coral, peaches muted tones and caramel. For all the skin tones, they go pretty well and look perfect with those amazing shades.


Rounded style

Rounded nails are the shape that you can ask for next time when asked by the manicurist for shape of nails. This is the natural and super style with which the nails get appearance of being polished. At the same time, they are drawing much of attention towards them. This is the style that has been witnessed in several latest fashion trends and shows. It proves the fact that the nails that are well groomed and clean will always remain in fashion without going out of style.

Imperfect manicure:

There are several celebrities who have got the rebellion spirit with imperfect manicure i.e. with the nails that looked untidy and chipped. For all the women who find little or no time every week for getting the nails done, this style feels like subtle nod bringing back the memories of nail art experimentation. This time you can achieve this by polish dabbing for gaps encouragement. Do this by smudging the nails deliberately while they are wet or when a top coat is over applied.

Perplex tips:

Perplex tips

Most of the fashion shows have shown trends continuing with the imperfect manicure where bare perplex tips were the styles included and that made the pattern like half-done. The nails also got the feel of subtle sci-fi. This can go perfect with underneath detailing of crystals.

The individual:

In general, the catwalk might display manicures in uniform patterns. However, the latest fashion trends have something all the more exciting and new. They are here with the latest patterns and series of colors that most of the girls sought after. This is for that diva like look and the individuality spirit. You can also opt for your favorite colors for the style and get the desired look.

Two Tone:

Two Tone

If you are the one who want to have the nails that can make a bold statement then this is the style that can work perfect for you. This style can make you go fun and chic at the same time with the manicures in double tone. This style is seen to make perfect statements at the fashion shows while you get the chance to do experiments with bright colors. If you are a beginner then take help of a specialist to get it done in a seamless manner.

Shine on:

This is the option for your nails giving it the look at me factor ranging from the options of glitter to metallics and nails with high shine. This fashion trend will help your nails look perfect for the parties as well as the summer look. It comes with pretty touch in spite of garnish. Several fashion shows have been seen with this trend. Here you need to make sure the polish is applied in a very smooth manner. This is helpful so that the look does not become childish.

Black nails:

Black nails

It is always thought of as black nails in the category of rebellious. We might have even come across someone with nails painted in black in the years of teenage as the dress code defiance act. However, when applied with the finish of high gloss, dark nails also give the touch of grown up. They look chic while inducing tantrum at the same time.

Painted strokes:

This is the abstract that rocked with simplicity and could be recreated as well in super easy manner. For the style, you just need to have several neutral shades. Make use all of them for making single strips across the nails tips. After this, take a clear coat and apply it as a cover for the nails.

Nails with crystal studs:

Nails with crystal studs

This is the pattern among the latest trends for women that gives a look that is wonderfully awesome. This will make you go the beauty diva with glitter, rhinestones, blood red and hologram touch.

Neon nails:

This color gives the hottest touch for summers with orange and its electric shades. Most of the celebrities have marked the style as their favorite. You can take orange with simple coat and go more subtle and can also consider having polished coats.

Matte nails:

Matte nails

This is the nail trend that can go well to give you that bold look and the diva style. You can pick the blood red shade and tone down to rock the look.

Find me mani:

This is the white and black mani that gives cute look and make you flaunt the style with look at me nails that grabs attention for sure.

Matte blue:

You can prefer the shade of light blue for the nails with coffin touch. This can go rocking like a limited edition shade released just to make you look style diva.

3D green and blue mani:

You can hit the fashion week with this latest fashion for women in nail art wearing the coolest and rocking nail art.


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