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Your use and access to Products Gram will be governed by the terms and conditions mentioned here. Before making use of the site, do read these terms and conditions carefully. You agree to all these terms by making use of the site.

All the posts available on Products Gram are copyright protected and are original works. These works are the rational property of Products Gram. Unless it is stated otherwise, no claim is made by Products Gram for the photos that are used on the site.

Products Gram is the website offering general information regarding fashion, beauty and tech. There are possibilities of inaccuracies in the content of the site. For the reliability and correctness of the content on site, no warranty is made by Products Gram. Liability for any such errors is excluded by Products Gram the probable presence of errors in the information is acknowledged by the user.

Products Gram offers content on the basis of ?as is? and for the use of content, information and feeds by the user, no liability shall be there on the site. The use shall be completely on the discretion of the user. All the images used on Products Gram are not covered under the Copyrights and does not come under our property.

Rights of Intellectual property:
We respect the rights of intellectual property of the parties and therefore we follow the policies to protect the rights. As per the policies, any of the submissions by the users might be removed from the site in case the copyright law is violated by them. For claiming the infringement of copyright, users can submit notification in written format.

Discussion could be there on the content present on the website and they can also give comments for the same. There are following guidelines that the user must abide by in order to post comments on the site.

Comments could be posted by the users on the condition that they are not obscene, illegal, libelous, threatening or racist. All the terms mentioned must also be confirmed by the comments. The privacy of anyone must not be breached by the statement of such comment. For the content present in the statement, the responsibility lies with the user.

The reliability, accuracy etc. of the statement?s content posted by the user is not controlled by the website and is therefore not responsible for the quality, nature, conformity and legality of any of the comment posted by the user on the site.

The users are responsible to ensure the fact that the statement submitted by them is as argumentative and as clear as possible.

At any point of time, these Terms and Conditions could be modified and right for the same is exclusively reserved by the website. The clarifications and changes that are non-material will come to effect on immediate basis. The changes that are material will be effective after 30 days from the date they are posted.

The information provided by the users will not be disclosed by the website. However, for the information that is present on the internet, no confidentiality is guaranteed by the site.

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