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The Most Trendy Jeans for the Year 2020:- Denim has been ruling the must-have fashion lists for ages. There is no concept of one size in the denim. In other words, everybody type is different and unique. You cannot claim a single pair of jeans that fits everyone. We all have a unique body shape and type and it cannot be defined by a single pair of jeans. Not many of us know that denim was introduced back during World War II. At that time the troops were looking for an attire which the soldiers can wear for a longer period of time, that too unwashed.

This was the official invention time of the denim or jeans. It has ruled the fashion charts since then and nothing could be called as its alternative. Denims can be worn in many ways like jeans, skirts and even tops. They have been making headlines in fashion shows since many decades. Most of the women are confused and apprehensive in wearing denims. Not everything looks good on everyone. For example if you have a slim body frame then you should go for straight cut jeans and vice versa.

Most Trendy Jeans for the Year 2020

Most Trendy Jeans for the Year 2019

Skinny Jeans (High-Mid-Low)

Skinny jeans are one of the favorites of the thin frame women’s clothing. Skinny jeans have the quality to give a subtle fit to the owner by highlighting their back and calf muscles. This gives them a toned lower body look. No matter how thin you are, if you have picked the right pair and color of skinny jeans, then you are in the latest fashion trend!

Curvy Fit Jeans (High-Mid-Low)

The curvy fit jeans have been a part of fashion trends since some years now. These pair of jeans gives an uplift fit towards the back giving a delusion of high height. They come in three options; high waist, mid waist and low waist. Many celebrities love to flaunt their curvy fit jeans with tube tops or other fitted tee-shirts.

Bell Bottoms

Bell bottoms have made a comeback again. Yes you read that right! Bell bottoms are those pair of jeans which are known to make a comeback within every 2-3 years but with a modern twist and touch. Last time when they made a comeback, they came in colors like grey and pale blue. You can find more vibrant and classy collection this year.

Very Loose Bell Bottoms

These can be called as the denim parallels. You must have seen the very loose parallel denims which can be donned with tee shirts or casual shirts and jackets. They look great during daytime events like picnics, beach days or for a shopping spree. These bell bottoms have managed to impress many women with their latest fashion trends adaptations. In other words, you need not worry too much before purchasing this pair of jeans.

Hourglass Jeans-

This will never run out of fashion. The fashion designers can vouch for these perfect hourglass jeans. These jeans can prove to be a perfect pair for all the body types, but most preferably the slim and leaned ones. This looks awesome with a casual shirt or a tee-shirt.

Ripped Jeans

They have been a fashion trend since 4-5 years. Ripped jeans, as the name suggests, are ripped from thighs or knees or both. They are ripped in a certain style which adds to the uber casual look of the women. They can be worn along with a tee shirt and a jacket or with a trendy tube top. It looks good either ways. Many celebrities love to wear this pattern during their travel and leisure times.

There are many things that should be considered while purchasing a perfect pair of jeans for you. Keep reading on to make sure you don’t miss any important point:


One of the most important tips is to analyze and understand the kind of fit that shall be perfect for your body type and figure. It is advisable to check the fit first irrespective of the brand and any other thing. If you will go by other factors first, then you might miss that perfect you were looking for.


This is again a very important factor. If you have a thing body type, then you have many options in the lighter shades like pinks, whites and blues. However these shades should be avoided by the women who are on the heavier side of the scale. They might look more bulky in these colors. Dark shades of blacks, blues and browns would go very well for them as these colors make you look slimmer.


If you are brand conscious customer, then this one’s just for you. There are various top Fashion Brand offering latest and trendy fashionable jeans for women. We would suggest you to pick your brands carefully. One wrong pair of jeans would mean you have wasted your time, energy and money on a wrong brand.


Price is also one of the important things that should be considered here. Dongo is for low priced jeans just because they are branded. And also don’t spend over the board assuming that every expensive thing has to be perfect.



There are various different types of patterns of jeans available in the market. Then are low or mid or high waist jeans, skin fit, tapered, bell bottoms, parallel jeans, etc. choose the patter which suits your height and body type. Make sure you don’t end up buying stuff which doesn’t suit you!

This was a brief about the most talked about denim jeans. You will find thousands of pairs in the market. But you should make a wise decision while purchasing a pair of jeans for you as this will be responsible to showcase your beautiful personality as the way it should be. Make sure you have done some homework in advance. As this will save a lot of your efforts and time! So what are you waiting for Explore and book your best pair of jeans today!

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