Best Handbag Brands in India for Women

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Top 10 Best Handbag Brands in India for Women.

fashion and beauty markets are trending exceptionally. Handbags are one of the most important accessories of women. Impossible to separate from a woman and necessary for each travel, whether it’s short or long. Spectacular and designer handbags enhance the magnetic personality of the women.

Handbags give freedom of packing some extra things, which you will frequently need during errands. These handbags work as an emergency instrument for females.

Other than money they pack make-up kit, small first-aid box, water bottle, snacks even some time few clothes in it. So handbags are essential for females.

When it comes to fashion and beauty; nothing is enough for a female. They always searching for trending and enchanting clothes and accessories.

After the technology boom fashion accessories are modified a lot even designers continuously keep-on designing beautiful accessories. Classy and gorgeous handbags are top on the list.

Let’s find out which are the Best Handbag Brands in India for Women; according to material, color, finishing, and type (i.e. Clutch, Tote, Satchel, Sling for women).

Best Handbag Brands In India for Women


1. Caprese


Caprese was launched in India in 2012 by VIP industries. This Italian brand is changing the present and future fashion for women.

This brand directly speaks for free and magnificent women’s spirits. Indian actress Aliya Bhatt is a Face of the brand.

It has flawless quality with impressive designs. For females who deserve aesthetic product and confident attitude.

Caprese has an outstanding range of finest handbags and can turn you in style icon.

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2. Lavie


Lavie is one of the topmost Indian brands and offers an excellent range of woman’s handbags.

Lavie launched its first collection in 2010. Lavie genuinely understands the requirement of gorgeous handbags for girls. Their collection is very appealing for all (male and female).

Anushka Sharma an Indian Bollywood actress is the brand ambassador of the brand. Lavie has incomparable quality and colors in bags and woman’s accessories.

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3. Da Milano

Da Milano

Da Milano is one of the oldest handbags Italian brands; which is very popular in India. It is manufacturing genuine and authentic leather handbags from at least six decades.

Da Milano has at least 38 stores in India and an expert in women & men fashion accessories. With a huge number of global consumer Da Milano believes in comfort and style together.

Trendy designs of this luxurious handbags make your presence outstanding everywhere.

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4. Hidesign

Hidesign handbags

Top brand of India and very authentic made with absolute craftsmanship. Hidesign one of the oldest Indian brand, which has its customers worldwide.

It has almost eighty exclusive stores in India and many independent stores for sale. Hidesign offers supreme quality with a vivid range of bags like travel bags, handbags, laptop bags plus accessories.

Top Ten women’s handbag Brands in India

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5. Baggit

Top 10 Best Handbag Brands in India for Women

Baggit is a very popular Indian brand started by ” Nina Lekhi” in 1990. Now it has national and international recognition. This brand has a very artistic essence.

It is available in vibrant colors and different materials like canvas, faux leather. With a wide range and affordable price, it is for every class.

Indian actress Shradhha Kapoor is the brand ambassador of Baggit.

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6. Lino Perros

lino perros

Lino Perros is the exclusive brand of handbags which established in 1999.

Lino Perros is the exquisite quality brand to charm every attire. Their ethnicity is in their classical design. Lino Perros is master in ladies’ handbags, clutches, sling, wallets, watches, cross body bags.

It is known for its quality and luxurious designs. Very affordable for the personal and even for a gift to your lady love.

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esbeda handbags

ESBEDA is also an Indian brand of ladies’ handbags and accessories that started in 2006. In a very short period of time, this brand has created its own consumer line.

It has attractive and appealing designs for youth. Esbeda is an environmentally friendly product.

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8. Peperone

In 2010 Peperone established in the fashion world. Since then it’s getting success and fame. The creative approach is making brand pioneers in the fashion and beauty world.

Peperone is very popular among students and young people. Its fresh trendy style and colors are collecting happy and satisfactory buyers. Fabric and materials of products are extra advantages for users.

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9. Ladida

Started in 2001, LADIDA is a known brand for ladies’ handbags. This modern and stylish accessory helps in accomplish a glamorous look.

Ladida is a vegan leather manufacturer, who believes and supports non-killing for the fashion and beauty world. To save wildlife Ladida chose PU industrial synthetic leather and manufactures an international standardized product.

Vegan leather is created by cotton fiber threads and natural waste. Even the lining of all bags is made of recycled materials.

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10. Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a luxurious women handbags brand of a world-renowned American designer.

This is a range of fancy handbags for women and men. Original “MK” is not a very accessible but extremely elegant lifestyle mark. In all big cities of the world “MK” has stores. You can also get this exclusive brand online from shopping websites.

The Indian fashion market is diverse and versatile, with a huge number of customers. Apart from this list also, you will get lots of good brands in women’s handbags.

Some local brands also manufacture quality and trendy products. But when you want all eyes on you, grab a gorgeous and stylish branded handbag to flaunt everyone.

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The Indian fashion market is diverse and versatile, with a huge number of customers.

Apart from this list also, you will get lots of Top Ten women’s handbag Brands in India.

Some local brands also manufacture quality and trendy products. But when you want all eyes on you, grab a gorgeous and stylish branded handbag to flaunt everyone.

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