Top 10 hairstyles for girls to make them look all the more beautiful

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Trendy look is all about how you carry hairs and your personality. Good Hairs is the foremost priority of fashion girls and this heat and humid weather are bothering hairs too much. These awesome hairstyles are great option for pool, date and hangouts. Here is Top 10 hairstyles for girls preferred by fashion divas that offer trendiest look n feel to them.

Top 10 hairstyles for girls



1. Intergalactic waves

Curl hairs around and pin up hairs behind ears and add on tiny shaped hairs accessories around hairline. It gives a decent and magical look to your personality.

2. Wrapped Pony

Ponytail gives a classy look and low ponytail offers adorable feel anywhere you go out for be it for interview or for hangout at beach. Apply little cream or gel to hairs and smoothen it into pony behind neck, leave a section of around one-inch. Wrap you hairs with pin and rubber band.

3. Fun Fishtail

Try out something pretty and comfortable at the same time. Braids are sophisticated and go well at work. If you have heavy volume hairs then fishtail braids is the perfect choice to go for and roll it over shoulder. You can apply hairspray on braids to hold them in a place.

4. Pretty Twist

Be glamourous by carrying out just a simple step. Hold a section of around 2 inches along hairline and then twist them at the back with lose hands and pin it above ears.

5. Mixed Braids

Be it any occasion braids are always a great choice to go for as it give pretty look to any girl. Partition the hairs with four equal sections. The front hairs are to be braided and loop it around head and keep on pinning it further. Twist the section at back side and complete it by pinning hairs.

6. Sleek Topknot

Get a sexy look by going with top 10 hairstyles for girls. Use lightweight gel and damp it on hair and smoothen hair into high ponytail. Partition the length into two equal sections and then further twist both of them together and wrap up into bun with bobby pins so that it doesn?t fall off.

7. Sideswept Bun

Try something simple and sweet with a low bun. Separate the hairs of about 3? section at front, pull back the rest at lower side of ponytail. Pin and twist small strands of pony to get a messy bun and then loosely dress up the front section of hair and pin up bun.

8. Ribbon Braid

Style your hairs with pretty ribbons to enhance look and feel of your hairs. Wrap it around as a headband and try it at back of the neck. Hold hairs at one end and braid it along with ribbon.

9. Wispy Topknot

Get the sober and casual look by trying this pretty hairstyle. Twist the hairs up and allow some of the strands to fall back on face giving an adorable look. Tie up remaining hairs into bun.

10. Hair Bow

Go on with Top 10 hairstyles for girl to look cute and elegant. Apply lotion to break fizziness and dry your hairs. Twist the two small strands of hairs and tie a bow just the way similar to shoelaces.

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