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Home remedies for glowing skin: Every woman on this earth wishes to have flawless and clear skin! There are hundreds of cosmetic products available in the market that claims to make your skin like a dream; beautiful and absolutely glowing.

Face washes, body lotions, moisturizers, sunscreen lotions, and what not; you name it and they have it. But the truth is not everyone can afford or wish to spend thousands of bucks on these products.

Many women are apprehensive of using so many beauty products which include chemicals on their skin. They, on the contrary, prefer to use natural products that do not have any side effects on the skin.

You must also be surprised to know that you have ample of beauty products right in your kitchen. Yes, you read that right! These natural home products can do equal wonders to your skin that too with a long-lasting effect.

These products are absolutely cheap as compared o the expensive night creams or the moisturizers. Some people don’t have that bad quality of the skin tone. It can be corrected by visiting the dermatologists and with a few home remedies.

Glowing Skin

Even if you suffer from some serious skin ailments you can effectively apply these home remedies along with your medications continued. We also recommend consulting your doctor before using any home remedy in order to avoid any sort of reactions or irritation which can aggravate your skin ailment.

If you wish to make your skin clear without any usage of chemicals then you try these 100% natural home remedies that too at the comfort of your home. home remedies for glowing skin.

Home remedies for glowing skin

Tea Tree Oil

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has the components which are anti-bacterial in nature. If you are fed up with using cosmetic products for the problem of acne then you can switch to something more natural and soothing.

You can apply tea tree oil once or twice a day and can see the results within a couple of days.

Nowadays many spa therapies have included this natural product in their spa menus in order to prevent and cure the acne problems of their clients.

2. Green Tea Extracts

Adolescence is an age where an individual experiences various hormonal changes which give rise to the most common problem of acne and pimples.

Applying green tea extracts on the affected areas can actually help to curb this problem. This can be applied twice a day in order to have an effective skin ph balance.

The fact is that green tea contains a high amount of antioxidants which are very helpful in protecting the skin from common problems like acne and fight against the free radicals.

aloe vera


3. Aloe Vera

This is a super easy and effective remedy that is easily available in every household. Almost every Indian household has a plant of Aloe Vera.

The plant has anti-bacterial properties which can give a soothing effect on the acne and the sunburns. Many times women step out of their homes without applying any sunscreen lotion or any other protective lotions and we end up with a sunburn on our face and hands.

But after reading this article you will know which remedy to use in such a situation. Applying aloe vera can actually reduce the acne and burning sensations by 60% giving your skin a natural clearance and glow.

All you need to do is apply the aloe vera gel twice a day to get the best results. Apply till you find your skin totally clear and glowing.

4. Honey

This is another super easy product available at every household. Honey has the capability to lock the moisture under the skin tone. You can feel softness and plumpness in the skin after applying honey even once.

The main reason is that honey has antimicrobial tendencies that work wonders for a dull skin tone. You can apply honey by mixing it with milk or just plain. Honey is an important component of almost all the facial packs made in high-end salons.

The honey has the property to lock nutrition and moisture inside the skin treating the problems like wrinkles and fine lines.

Regular application of honey on your skin can do wonders by making it clear and glowing and giving it youthful looks as well.

Now we all understand the importance of honey that was explained by our mothers and grandmothers.

Coconut Oil for Glowing Skin

5. Coconut Oil

If you have dry and irritated skin then coconut oil s the best home remedy for you. Even doctors recommend the usage of this along with medications for the patients who are suffering from eczema on their bodies.

If all have fond memories of our childhood. I am sure you must also be applied to coconut oil in your hairs and all over the body.

That time we were immature to understand the importance of the application of coconut oil but now in today’s world coconut oil has proved its worth.

Regular application of coconut oil moisturizes the skin making it soft and plump. If you have very dry skin all over your body then you should apply coconut oil liberally all over it daily.

But if you have sensitive skin then you should avoid too much application of coconut oil on the face but can apply it all over the body.

Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial properties that prevent mosquitoes from biting and hence used for school going kids a well.

6. Turmeric

Again an age-old facial component! In earlier times, our mothers didn’t have many options like we have today for spas, facials, bleaches, etc. All they used to bring glow on their skins was the turmeric.

Even today in India a bride is applied turmeric to let her skin become radiant and glowing. Turmeric can be used directly on the face and hands or by mixing it with some other facial components.

Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties which make it super effective in treating skin problems like acne, pimples, and bruises. The most effective facial masks are prepared with the help of this magical component.

The combination of turmeric, milk, and besan can actually do wonders for your skin if applied twice a week.

If you have some serious skin problems then you can apply it more often but not more than once a day and you can regain your youth ness with a radiant skin tone.

7. Lemon

Lemon is another home remedy that is readily available at households. Lemon has super properties that cleanse the skin, bleaches it, and also helps in removing the tanning on the skin.

Lemon is also very effective in treating the problems related to hair fall and dandruff and indirectly cures the problems of forehead acne.

Lemon can be applied by either mixing in a facial mask or with the sugar. You can apply it twice a week and will love the results.

Lemon has the properties which will make your skin clear and glowing eventually.

This age-old remedy has the capability of giving instant results giving your skin a fresh early morning look.

lemon remedy

8. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit which when eaten do wonders for the body but when applied on the skin does equal wonders there as well.

It is recommended that ripe papaya which contains a component called papain is extremely beneficial for the skin to become clear and glowing.

Papain is an enzyme that helps in exfoliating the skin. It is a process of cleaning all the dead tissues located above the skin tone making the pores to open and breathe in properly. You can feel a much younger version of your skin giving it a radiant and clear look.

Papaya also has the cleansing properties which helps in cleaning the dirt from the skin making the ores open to absorb its moisture qualities.

Papaya doe wonders when mixed with other components like Multani Mitti as it absorbs excess oil on the skin and leaves it supple and soft.

When honey is added to the facial pack, it helps in locking the moisture inside the skin making it look younger by eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. It is also used for skin firming benefits.

9. Olive Oil

You will be surprised to know that olive oil can serve your skin with its excellent moisturizing qualities. It also surprises your skin with a much needed natural shine.

The reason being the components present in the olive oil like polyphenols and flavonoids. These components are responsible for protecting your skin from the free radicals and prevent damages to the skin cells.

Olive oil also provides much-needed nutrition to the skin cells helping them grow naturally and healthy in nature. Olive oil can also do wonders for the uneven skin tone.

All you need to do is apply it before going to bed and in the morning wipe it out with a warm wet towel. You can see the effects within a few days provided you are regular with its application.

Olive Oil

10. Saffron and Rose Water

First lets us talk about the very easily available household component that is saffron. Saffron has been an age-old home remedy used by our mothers and grandmothers for getting a radiant and clear skin tone.

Saffron can be beneficial in a dual way by consuming it and by applying it. There are various facial masks and packs that can be made with the help of saffron.

Saffron again has healing properties that can cure your acne and blemishes making your skin more supple and soft. It can clear the uneven skin tissues by generating new ones.

Rosewater, on the other hand, can provide your skin with much-needed freshness and youthfulness. Many women complain of having a dull skin shade or dark under-eye circles due to lack of proper sleep or hectic work life.

To get rid of this problem you can effectively use rose water which can cover and heal your dullness and tiredness all together. Rosewater cotton swabs can be used overnight to get rid of tiredness around eyes and dark circles.

Its cooling properties can actually help you in relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep. You can add rose water in your regular face pack as well. Make sure you apply it before sleeping and wake up with a better shining skin.

Some important tips for getting the best effects of these home remedies:

Reaction There are some components that might react with your skin tone. If you are undertaking any medications for the skin there are chances of you getting a reaction from any external applications.

Make sure you do a patch test either on your arms or underarms because the body has the most sensitive skin tone located there.

Application You need to first learn the proper application method for getting the best results. For example, olive oil and rose water will give the best results when applied at night as compared to the morning application.

Similarly turmeric and lemon shall fetch you bet of results if applied in the day time.


Combination For best results, you need to understand the art of combining the two different components in proper quantities.

For example, you can combine lemon effectively with a facial pack but not with milk for application. Similarly, honey is mixed and applied with milk can do wonders for your skin. So all you need to learn is the benefits of combinations.

Results Wait for a stipulated period of time to get the desired results. Don’t hurry and over apply the facial packs because that can give rise to other side effects.

So dear ladies, these were some super-effective home remedies that you can try at the comfort of your home on a daily basis to get glowing skin. You must need to make sure that you use them on a regular basis.

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