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Top 10 Laptop Brands for all tech lovers:- With the improvements in technology, the functions of laptops are getting more and more improved. This is the reason why manufacturing of laptops and their accessories has been started by number of brands. The usage of laptops is still in trend regardless of the advancements and increasing popularity of tablets and smartphones.

This is because of the fact that laptops can serve the purpose for heavy work and office usage in a much better manner. Digging into the insights related to the top 10 laptop brands in the world, people can get relevant information that can help to decide as which laptop can best match their needs in terms of functions, features, cost etc.

Buying Laptop is the much difficult choice to be made as it requires great technical knowledge for worth spending. The brand name is as important as features and other specifications. We have undergone great study about laptops keeping in mind quality, innovation, design, technical support, review, and value.

Here are shortlisted top 10 laptop brands that must be gone through if you are planning to buy one this year.

Top 10 Laptop Brands for you

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1. Lenovo Laptop Brands

This is the brand counted amongst the top 10 laptop brand with the priority based products. For creators, gamers and professionals, laptops based on performance are designed. Those who need to keep laptops with them all the time used to carry the ultraportable ones.

This brand offers so many features and products meeting varied demands of people that serve to be the biggest reason why Lenovo holds position in top 10 laptop brands. This brand is enjoying the good ratings of about 4 stars and more by 60 percent users.

Lenovo offer superb design like Yoga 910 having bezel-free display and advanced featured Yoga book with great Halo keyboard. They provide ultimate support with no delay time.

2. Dell Laptop Brands

This American company is popular in market for several products including computers, laptops, servers,
data storage as well as peripherals of computers. All the latest technology is taken care of while
designing the

Dell laptops so that any task could be handled efficiently and every business’s needs are

This convincing the best brand offering lineup of laptops with Dell XPS 13 being headlined and the one in priority is XPS 15. This brand is went across functionality and design boundaries by providing Alienware 13 with OLED screen and by producing XPS 13 2-in-1.

3. Apple


This is a globally familiar electronic brand producing fantastic laptops at process that are marginally high. Several features serve the basis for these prices such as memory, size, graphics and many others. 15-inch and 13-inch laptops are produced majorly by Apple that improves laptops performance and offer high disk storage.

These laptops have iOS that is completely optimized and offers easy execution as well. Apple’s MacBook is the sleek and slim looking laptop with great functionality. Good investment provide great convenience, this brand requires great investment to be made.

They offer great support and beyond comparison services to their clients.

4. Asus Laptop Brands

This is a Taiwan based electronic and computer hardware company holding top position in motherboard, notebook and gaming series. Technology services of over 29 years, beyond 200 service centers and year 2017 filled with 2511 awards for Asus are there at its credit.

The great blend of features and quality as per the investment is the Asus laptops. This brand came up with great innovations like water-cooled, high-end gaming rig, just like gold aluminum framework on ZenBook 3.

5. Acer

The features of Acer laptops in which aluminum designs or 1080p screens are provided serve as great value why this is counted amongst the top 10 laptop brands. Pleasing aesthetics are possessed by Acer’s laptops and some of its major products are Spin, Swift, Nitro, Switch, Nitro, Acer One, Aspire E etc.

It is the most affordable and reliable amongst top 10 laptop brands along with great support by vendors around. Most of the laptop lineups have been offered average ratings.

6. Razer

In terms of laptops, this brand emerges with some specific and really wonderful features and offers complete gaming laptops range best fit for play and work. Great display with best graphics is the specialty of these laptops with the systems comprised with newest technology.

Sleek design and wonderful performance is offered in the laptops of this brand and these are the reasons why it is counted amongst the top brands in laptop. This company is a newbie in the top 10 laptop brands. They offer the effective quality Ultrabooks and gaming laptops with other reliable products. They lack in the support services.

7. Microsoft Laptop Brands

Surface Book

This company, based in America is into the manufacturing and development of licensed hardware and software products. In terms of personal computers production, Microsoft stands on top. The Windows 10 of Microsoft are thinner, made for faster performance and are more influential as well and a single product has several features.

This company has hardly come up with something amazing during this time span. It has come up with a new laptop, i.e. Surface Book along with Performance Base and had dock as a new feature. The handful choices of premium are available to be gone for, if affordable to someone.

8. MSI

In the field of eSports and games, this is one of the leading brand and gaming innovations is the main dedication behind its products. Graphic cards, notebook PCs, motherboard and desktop PCs are the major products on which its improvement is dedicated.

This ultimate laptop company is offering great collection of laptops for gaming purpose. This brand offers wide range of laptops, that are innovatively featured and with powerful specs. The lacking measure of this company is its technical support.

9. Samsung

Complete HD displays and good quality are provided in the laptops of Samsung intended with utmost care. The middle rated Laptop Company that manufactures few innovative Chromebooks. 

The major collection of laptops by this brand has got average ratings by their clientele. The technical support and resources offered by this company is not satisfactory.

10. HP

It is one of the best amongst top 10 laptop brands. Hewlett Packard is offering varied laptop models with varying specifications. HP has provided innovative laptop collections like thinnest laptops and many such great models. They offer worth paying laptops with elegant designs and exclusive features.

This company is the ultimate combination of wide laptop lineup with their amazing Ultrabooks offering reliable warranty coverage.

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