Top 10 Sunglasses brands in the World

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Top 10 sunglasses brands

Top 10 sunglasses brands: Sunglasses look cool and their popularity is dated back to 1920s when Hollywood stars have brought them in trend. However, some styles are preferred in fashion accessories while some are dropped out and the same is true in the case of shades as well.

Also, if the sunglasses do not go with the look then it really looks uncool. This is the reason why it is important to go for the brand as well as the style that match with one’s personality.

Want to know what is ruling in the shades trend at present Have a look at the list of top 10 sunglasses brands given below that will surely help you out in making selection of the best and trendy sunglasses that will boost your personality.

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1. Ray-Ban

Rey-Ben sunglasses

In the list of top 10 sunglasses brands, the most iconic one is Ray-Ban. The beginning of this brand initiated took place as the eyewear that was to help pilots of the Air Force in the US to protect the eyes from sun glare. This led to the invention of the shape known as a classic aviator, the style that is cool and remained eternally cool.

Hollywood holds the name in popularizing style termed as Wayfarer particularly in the 50’s and 60’s by Audrey Hepburn and James Dean in, the legends of a screen. This style is also amongst the one that is in trend till date. These are the two styles that account for most of the present-day popularity of Ray-Ban.

However, other designs are also offered by the brand that is a perfect amalgamation of quality, style, and durability.

Anyone who is going for Ray-Ban can expect to get the frames that are stylish, comfortable and could be worn anytime, anywhere as per the comfort.


2. Oakley, Inc.

Oakley sunglasses

Oakley is the brand that is based in California and is popular in accessories of lifestyle and sports gear. Probably their sunglasses line is one of the most famous products of Oakley. The main reason behind the popularity of this brand is its endorsement by most of the leading athletes that makes the brand preferred the choice of the crowd.

Another major reason that contributes towards the popularity of Oakley is their capacity of integrating style and performance perfectly that makes people love this brand. In addition to the cool looks offered by the shades of Oakley, their functions are also vital.

Some of the shades come with water and sweat repelling lenses while some of the lenses in these shades are nearly shatter-free.

So, all those who are looking for function, as well as form, can go for Oakley brand. This is the best option where the perfect amalgamation of style and functions is could be seen in the products and one can easily find the shades based on style preferences and other choices including color, frames etc.


3. Mauji Jim

Mauji Jim

This is US-based manufacturer and one of the major inspirations of this brand is the beaches of Maui and it this is where the brand was launched first.

While surfing the waves, the sunglasses of Maui are perfect. However, the crowds of extreme sports are not much appealed by this as much as they are by Oakley.

The style offered by Maui Jim is an amalgamation of classic and rugged. This makes their shades apt for activities such as beach volleyball playing and even situations that are even extreme than this. Wayfarer and Frameless are some of the styles carried by Maui Jim.

There are several qualities in Maui Jim sunglasses that are responsible for their popularity.

Some of these include vivid colors of lenses, the technology of polarized plus, mirrors that are Bi-gradient, coatings of anti-reflection in the backside, options of lightweight and scratch-resistant lenses, protection from UV rays, lens coatings that are easy to clean, etc.

The lenses of Maui Jim are also of top quality and one can expect exceptional eminence in these. It is easy to find the desired shades with frames and color combinations that best reflect one’s personality. Top 10 sunglasses brands:


4. Persol

Persol sunglasses

Persol has been launched in 1917 and therefore holds position amongst the oldest companies of eyewear in the world. The Persol sunglasses are prepared in Italy and effortless cool is featured in these.

This has served as one of the major reason behind their popularity amongst some of the well-known celebrities including Tom Cruise, Steve McQueen, Patrick Dempsey, Ryan Gosling etc. Even most of the films of James Bond have featured this iconic brand.

Persol is the perfect brand for all those who are looking for something that is vintage and classic. There are several options available in the style frames of these sunglasses such as Aviator, Wayfarer, Clun style etc. The durable and innovative shades are accompanied on treks by most of the adventurers and explorers since the lenses are helpful in keeping the eyes safe even in the conditions and climate that are most extreme.

Glare reduction by the polarized lenses is another major element of these shades. This is helpful in reducing the glare that the surfaces surrounding us such as a sea, sand, road asphalt etc. reflects. Before this light can affect the eyes, it is blocked by the special filters present in the lenses.


5. Prada

Prada sunglasses

This is yet another fashion brand famous for the line of products including leather goods, clothes, eyewear, shoes, perfumes etc. The sunglasses line of Prada range from both bizarre and lively sophisticated designs to elusive innovations in the vintage sunglasses.

Oval, butterfly, cat-eye frames are some of the styles offered by Prada. In terms of both approach and style as well as in high quality, Prada is the brand that stands to be outstanding.

These are the factors with which Prada has managed to influence and anticipate the tendencies in most of the sectors. The products of Prada are refined, elegant and sophisticated and this unmistakable style and strong identity and the factors behind its identity.

In the eyewear collection from Prada, such characteristics are found in both the sun and prescription collections. Amongst the world’s most preferred style statements stand Prada and this makes the user enjoy brand power.

For most of the people, the image holds high importance and Prada is the brand wearing which one can let the world know that iconic styles are preferred by him.

The brand and style of Prada sunglasses are proud and loud and the same is reflected in the choice of the person.


6. Gucci


Another major fashion brand popular for items including eyewear, shoes, and handbags etc. is Gucci. The clothing line of Gucci is the inspiration by which its sunglasses range is influenced.

The classics such as cat-eye, aviator and square style are all inspired styles of Gucci that are known to give a wonderful and cool look to the wearer.

The designs of all the sunglasses of Gucci have the icon of brand contained within in the design. Each and every sunglasses pair of Gucci is privileged to have the status and name of Gucci that assures for quality craftsmanship and unparalleled design.

For both women and men, wide ranges of varieties are provided by Gucci to add grace and elegance to the overall look. One can get the lenses of the desired material, style, and color from the wide range of options available in Gucci.

It is general for the taste, style and quality to come at some cost and the same is true for the stylish collection of Gucci.

The frames of Gucci are priced in accordance with the quality and style that they offer. One can let others know about high personal style preferences with Gucci sunglasses.


7. Versace


For all those having a distinctive style of personality, another brand based in Italy is here with appealing and luxurious designs. It is Versace. The timeless classics are redefined by this brand and are incorporated into the design that is fashion-forward and reflects the perfect combination of innovation and elegance.

The famous sunglasses line from Versace includes a range from famous Aviator classic to retro Vintage Square, cat-eye and round frames. The wide ranges of available frames are best for matching the style and add elegance to it.

From loud to simple options, everything is available in Versace for reelecting the style statement of the person. The unpretentious look is the one in which its elegance resides. On lenses etches small Versace that serves as the single clue that the person is not wearing any general thing but the designer frame that is iconic.

The temples on the side also hold the small logo of Versace in metal. The features that add to the brilliance of Versace frames like for instance the cat-eye frames are pointy lenses, edges that are razor sharp and browline that is frowned.

The other frames are also made to reflect unique Versace touch in a classic manner.

8. Tom Ford

Tom Ford sunglasses
The eyewear collection of Tom Ford could be aptly described in four words: daring, sexy, elegant and extravagant.

These are the glasses that are favorite of James Bond and therefore no way is there in which they will not go perfectly with the style or look cool. Whether you opt for the cat eye, aviator or wrap, a classy look is assured to boost your style.

Materials of ultra-premium quality are used in making the eyewear that offers exceptional end-products. The luxurious and warm finishes of the glasses are the result of high-quality premium materials used in their crafting.

Each of the glasses has a quality that is unique on account of the natural pattern and luxurious finish.

The sleek, ultra-light in weight and the progressive look is the result of Japanese titanium of highest grade.

Photochromic lenses are featured in all the glasses that have the ability to lighten or darken automatically based on the conditions of light.


9. Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani

The designer label in which simple sophistication is combined with a design that is fashion-forward is Armani.

Emporio Armani is the sub-label of this brand that comes up with the collection of sunglasses that serves as the best fit for the market of youngsters (including those who want to reflect young looks always).

The line of men sunglasses aims for those having a lifestyle that is active. This is the reason why the range of men’s sunglasses in Emporio Armani includes frames that are comfortable, stylish as well as practical (wrap, aviator and shield frames).

The line of women sunglasses includes the products that are inspired classically and have a unique twist of modern touch as well (butterfly, cat-eye and round).

One can find the desired products easily from the list of available options in Emporio Armani that also reflects style statement at the same time with grace and elegance.

10. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana red color woman sunglass

Any product of Dolce & Gabbana has trendy and timeless designs as its hallmarks and same is true for the eyewear range as well.

The brand has a logo that is eye-catching and along with this, the sunglasses of D&G are easy to recognize on account of their designs that are high-end and glamorous.

The D&G sunglasses are the daring pieces of a statement in which their luxury is reflected perfectly. For any outfit, alluring elements are added by the beautiful sunglasses.

The public displays are outshined by the D&G artistic and wide-ranging sunglasses that help each and every trend lover to find the product that best matches with the style.

This is the range that adds wearer to the ranks of trendsetters leaving behind the dowdy. Most of the sunglasses from D&G come with the high-end price tags and the style statement marked by the product worth this price.

There are several options available in color combinations but there is out of the world sophistication in the frame that comes in beige with lenses of the brown gradient.

So whatever be your style preference, the products included in the list of top 10 sunglasses brands given here are sure to provide you with the preferred option.

Go through the wide range of options available, surf amongst the frames and select the best design in preferred color combination to reflect your style.


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