Top 10 Women’s Fashion Brands for the trendy look

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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Brands

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Top 10 Women’s Fashion Brands:- Women’s Fashionwear is always a hot topic in the market. Women are always keen to know about the latest trend in the market. They go with some brands that cater to their need for becoming fashion icons. Here are the top 10 brands in women fashion wear that you should not miss.


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The journey of Coco Chanel is a legend and the incredible stories of this brand make it worth its price that they come with. The uniqueness of reading the need of the world make these brands a special one in designing clothing accordingly. It is continued to be a revolutionary brand not only in apparel but in accessories too.


It is the brand that comes with sophistication and class and it has entered every part of your life such as clothing, perfumes, shoes, and bags. After ups and downs of business, still HERMES is a premium brand.


It is one of the oldest brands and is also among the top 10 brands in women fashion wear. Burberry Prorsum and Burberry London is the latest addition in this precious brand. Firstly, it was designing clothing for military but gradually it has become famous in civilians too. The designs of Burberry has become so much wanted inn every women’s list, that no closet is complete without it’s apparel and accessory.


Initially, this incredible brand was indulged in business of suitcases, travel bags and handbags for the Italian elite. Later on, Prada launched luxury clothing for both the men and women segment. Still, Prada backpacks and handbags are taken as big luxury in designing.


Gucci sunglasses

It was started back in 19th century and this Italian brand got success in very short time. Women are fascinated by premium leather handbags and handbags. It is redefining the modern fashion with its unique ideas and designing.

6. Dolce And Gabbana

Being the new fashion fiesta in the market, still the Dolce and Gabbana has made its way in the top 10 brands in fashion wear. It is gaining popularity in clothing rage and it is considered as fashion symbol. The sales figure of its perfumes is telling about its popularity itself.

7. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is known for its sheer sophistication and it is a luxury brand. If you see any individual with the tag of Giorgio Armani, then definitely the person is the cream one. The journey of this luxury brand started with men’s wear. Its agreement with L’oreal has made it’s entry into perfume segment. It has its own stores across the world and with every year, its share is increasing in the market. There is no way, Giorgio Armani is going to look back.

8. Versace

Another Italian brand, Gianni Versace comes with class and luxury. In the starting, Versace launched two labels: Instant and Versus. It is unstoppable brand with its excellent quality along with awesome design.

9. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the favorite brand for red carpets and is famous for its costume designs in the movie The Great Gatsby. This designer boutique has always come with something new that always impresses the women with their luxury and class.

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